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Free Basketball Academy

Whitt Basketball Academy

June 13th-14th
Columbia MO

Boys & Girls Grades 1st -12th

Welcome to Whitt Basketball Academy! We're excited to offer a free basketball academy for kids in 1st through 12th grade. This academy is more than just about playing basketball – it's an opportunity for young athletes to sharpen their skills, build confidence, and embrace the power of teamwork.

Our expert coaching will help participants master the fundamentals, improve their game, and grow both on and off the court.

Jimmy Whitt Santa Cruz Warriors



Jimmy Whitt Santa Cruz Warriors

Jimmy Whitt Jr.

Jimmy Whitt is the dynamic lead trainer at Whitt Basketball Academy. As a guard for the Santa Cruz Warriors, Jimmy brings his extensive experience and passion for the game to our academy. He played college basketball at Arkansas, showcasing his talent and dedication. 

Whitt Basketball Academy

Pro Career Experience

Jimmy has an impressive professional career, having played for the Cleveland Charge before making a significant impact in Mexico's CIBACOPA league. In 2023, he became an All-Star, leading the league in two-pointers made and ranking second in points per game and field goal percentage.

Whitt Basketball Academy

Youth Impact

Jimmy's dedication goes beyond teaching basketball skills; he inspires and empowers young athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the court. His commitment to skill development, confidence-building, and instilling teamwork impacts their growth and success as athletes and individuals.


Mastering the basics of basketball.

Basketball IQ

Developing a deeper understanding of the game.

Shooting Techniques

Improving shooting accuracy and form.

Player Development

Enhancing overall skills and performance.

Mental Toughness

Building resilience and focus.


Learning to work effectively with others.

What Our Academy Offers

Participants will focus on mastering the fundamentals of the game, enhancing their basketball IQ, refining shooting techniques, advancing player development, building mental toughness, and fostering teamwork. Our comprehensive program is designed to help young athletes excel both on and off the court.


Whittness The Impact

Watch Our Impact in Action

Curious about what makes Whittness Basketball Academy so special? Watch our video recap to see firsthand the incredible impact our academy has on young athletes. From skill development and teamwork to confidence-building and resilience, our academy offers an unforgettable experience.


Join us on this journey and

witness the transformation of our participants as they grow both

on and off the court.

Sponsor Spotlight

Expand Your Brand with Jimmy Whitt

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to elevate your brand through our Sponsor Spotlight on Jimmy Whitt’s social media. With over 18,000 followers across all platforms, Jimmy's engaged and active audience is the perfect place to boost your brand awareness. As a sponsor, your company will be featured in a special spotlight, including your logo and a personalized thank you video from Jimmy. This is a fantastic way to connect with a broader audience, showcase your support for youth development, and promote your products or services. Join us in making a difference and enjoy the benefits of enhanced visibility through our Sponsor Spotlight.


Sponsorship Opportunities

We need your support to make this possible. By becoming a sponsor at Whitt Basketball Academy, you can directly impact the lives of young players, giving them an invaluable opportunity to develop their basketball skills and thrive both on and off the court. Join us in making a difference—sponsor a child today, choose the sponsorship level that’s right for you, and help us create a brighter future for our youth.

Individual Sponsorship:
$100 per child


  • Sponsorship for one child to attend the academy

  • 1 raffle tickets for a chance to win a signed jersey from Jimmy Whitt

Academy Sponsor:
$500  and above 


  • Sponsorship for five children

  • 10 raffle tickets (per $500) for a chance to win a signed jersey from Jimmy Whitt

  • Sponsor spotlight on Jimmy Whitt’s personal social media with including a thank you video from Jimmy Whitt and option to promote a product or service of your choice

  • Company logo featured on website with link

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